4 More Public Trading Companies That Are Fighting Climate Change 

While many corporations directly contribute towards the worsening effect of climate change, lately a lot of organizations are taking responsibility for the greenhouse gas emission from their projects. Many organizations are becoming conscious about their energy usage and are trying to vomit themselves into a negative carbon footprint plan in the imminent future. 

Here are some more public trading companies that have prioritized in their immediate plan, measures to fight against climate change. 

Tesla- Tesla is one of the biggest car manufacturing companies that has stayed committed to environmental sustainability. They have made a name in manufacturing electric cars. Through their sustainability campaign they have produced one million electric cars and have prevented 4  million tons of greenhouse gas, primarily carbon dioxide emission in the environment.They have also replaced their energy sources with renewable sources of energy.  Tesla’s current investment in the Supercharger network gives them access to over 595 gigawatt-hours of energy. 

The company also maintains their sustainability by sourcing their raw materials from environmentally ethical and humane supply chains. 

Microsoft- Microsoft has taken a big step forward towards environmental sustainability by planning a shift to 100% renewable energy by 2025 and having a negative carbon footprint by 2030. They have also implemented a policy to up their carbon emission cost $40 per metric ton. Microsoft has launched several plans to use AI technology to focus on their sustainability initiative. They are aiming at reducing the negative impact of land farming and trying to come up with solutions for pulling carbon from the atmosphere. 

Apple- Apple has been named by Greenpeace as the most eco-friendly tech brand in the world. Apple stores, data centers and offices are carbon neutral and are committed to using only renewable sources of energy. The company has also announced that they plan on making all their products carbon neutral and built from renewable sources of energy. 

Nike- Due to the imminent threats of climate crisis, Nike is also trying to move away from its fast fashion policies and implement initiatives towards a sustainable future. Nike has announced their “Move to Zero” policy which aims at reducing total carbon emission by 30 % across all its supply chains. 

Currently all the Nike American products are being produced by sourcing 100 per cent renewable sources of energy. 50 per cent of all Nike Air products contain recycled materials in its making. Out of 75 percent of all Nike products, all of them have a certain percentage of recycled material and most of its waste products are converted into energy. 

These are some of the popular companies and brands that are starting to take the treats of climate change more seriously.

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