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Neutralize your carbon footprint and invest safely with signals or one of our 24/7 Auto-trading bots to reach your financial goals and make an impact by planting trees

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we run on Kraken 

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Our Benefits 💎

Make your money work for you 24/7 anywhere


Your data is encrypted, login securely with your Google or Email account and use a Google 2Fa each time

Exchange Wallet

Fund your Kraken exchange account to trade on the chain.

Autotrade 24-7

Access and trade safely and automatically from your exchange account 24/7 and withdrawal whenever you want to

Never Deposit

You never make a deposit to start trading on Bumima platform


When you trade with us we plant trees with our non-profit partner

Compound Daily

Reach your goals by compounding daily and calculate your growth

How Does it Work? 🛠️

Become a Member

Easily sign-up and create your account with our Bumi App

Choose Plan

Choose which plan suits you best from getting signals to a combo with a bot

Start Autotrading

Autotrading begins and withdrawal or add more whenever you want to

How we Trade Safely✨
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