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We place a premium on maintaining and increasing client satisfaction. by giving them a variety of payment options via HSBC and

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Go to your favorite online store and checkout and pay later in crypto or cash

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After you checkout you get to pay later in four or more installments over time

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Make your money work for you 24/7 anywhere

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Are there any expensive items on your Wishlist that you would like to get right away but would prefer to pay for later? No worries we got you!

Get Zero interest Payments

After checkout pay overtime in your style. And adjust if you think you will be late if you can’t make it. Our standard repayments work in four instalments over six to eight weeks

No late or hidden fees

We help people stay in budget and afford the things they want. And to help further, we have no late payment or hidden fees when you sign-up with us

No signup costs and quick registration

We have a straightforward application process for effortless buying. It is so quick it takes less than 5 minutes. Additionally, there are no fees associated with signing up and joining Bumi Pay

Responsive support + Zero paper

We considered some of the current issues with available buy now pay later (BNPL) alternatives, thus we made the decision to eliminate paperwork from the procedure and we are here with you 24/7

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