How companies Like BrainBox and Watershed are using AI to tackle climate change

Climate change is a threat that endangers all life and endeavor on planet earth. Studies and researches have shown that big corporations are often responsible for exorbitant amounts of carbon emission. Lately, corporations are coming forward and taking responsibility for their carbon footprints. 

In order to reassess and reduce the carbon emission quantity, companies are coming up with Artificial Intelligence technology to give accurately calculated solutions to their problems. Most tech startups and corporations have recognized that technology has a big role to play in achieving carbon neutrality by the turn of the decade. Most companies aim to reduce carbon emission at least by 50 per cent by 2030. Most of these corporations recognize viable solutions to this problem in AI engineered programs. 

Here is a look into AI based companies like BrainBox and FoldAI, and  what they are doing to help big corporations achieve carbon neutrality and become more eco-friendly and sustainable in their functioning. 


BrainBox, in their website, informs that they use their artificial Intelligence technology to optimize energy and power emission of the world’s largest power energy consumer and GHG emitter: buildings. They have self adapting AI powered technology to proactively assess and formulate the energy emission pattern and come up with solutions based on it. Studies and research conducted on the matter shows that when it comes to buildings, the most hazardous emission rate is hiked up by ‘Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems’ (HVAC). Almost 45 percent of the total consumption of energy by these buildings are taken up by HVAC systems. Almost 30 percent of this energy expense goes to waste and the rest is used up by the inhabitants of these buildings. To look into this issue that poses itself as a massive environmental threat, Co Founder and Chief Executive Leader of the company Sean Neely has been able to collect $12 million funding for the company. It is also supported by investment companies such as Desjardins Ventures Capital and Esplanade Capitals.  


FoldAI uses their artificial technology powered programming and algorithm to monitor and assess the ecosystem around them. It is a Munich based AI company, founded by Friedrich Foerstner,  Giovanni Carmantini, and Jake Turner, that is equipped with high level multidimensional sensing, sensory monitoring , cutting edge computing to assess the environmental impact. They also use cloud AI, and energy harvesting systems for ecosystem health tracking and risk management. It offers a holistic overview of the current state of the ecosystem and the degree and intensity of environmental impact a corporation might have on its surroundings. FoldAI is funded by investor company XPRENEURS incubator. 

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