4 public traded companies fighting climate change


Climate change is a real threat that endangers all life on planet earth. It poses an existential threat to our life and survival. In the past century, studies have shown that public trading companies have directly contributed towards climate change. However, not all companies are not party to this. As a customer, the money that you are investing through a public trading company might be adversely affecting the future of the planet. Companies are finally starting to realize the impending threat of climate crisis and are starting to act on it.Here are a list of 5 public trading companies that are fighting climate change:

  1. Alphabet- Alphabet is the parent company for Google. It is a leading organization in the tech world and has immense influence in the industry. In its initiative to become sustainable for the environment, Alphabet became carbon neutral in 2007. After almost 10 years, Alphabet became the first large scale company of its magnitude to replace all its energy sources with renewable sources of energy. Alphabet has entered a worldwide contract to buy 5.5 GW of renewable sources of energy, becoming the biggest buyer of renewable sources of energy in the world.  
  1. Beyond Meat- The demand for meat in our daily diet has also been perceived as a threat to our environment. The meat industry is generating greenhouse gasses on a large scale to satisfy the appetite of a large number of its customers. Beyond burger is a company that is producing faux meat in order to substitute meat products from our diet without compromising on the nutrition level. It is producing faux meat from plant based products such as coconut oil, canola oil, pea- protein, etc. The company has recently seen a boom in its profit margin after entering several restaurant chains and having become popular among vegans. 
  2. HP- In the information technology industry, HP is becoming one of the key players to contend with threats of climate change. The company is committed to make climate change one of its primary objectives in the coming decade. By 2025, the company aims to eliminate 75 per cent of its single use plastic packaging. They have already stopped using plastic cords and plastic folder bags in its packaging. They are also reducing use of plastic foam and instead using recycled, paper-molded cushioning in their packaging.  It also aims to substitute non-renewable energy sources with energy efficient equipment. 

They are trying to make use of paper products more sustainable. They are dedicated towards reforestation through the HP Sustainable Forest Collaborative program. 

  1. Unilever- Unilever is a UK based representative company. Consumer brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Dove, Lipton, Axe, Breyers and twenty one other companies represented by Unilever are sourced from 100% sustainable materials. It is dedicated towards becoming energy efficient. Their greenhouse gas emission, mainly carbon dioxide emission, has been reduced by 65 percent at present. The company aims to achieve a negative carbon footprint by 2030. 

These are some of the public trading giants that are setting a remarkable example in their respectable industries by committing themselves to fight climate change.

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