How AI is playing a role in the net-zero endeavor of the tech companies 

As climate change is starting to become a pressing concern, the role played by tech companies in energy emission is a vital point for scrutiny. The International Energy Agency (IEA) states that the majority of carbon emission cut off is expected from the tech companies around the world in order to achieve energy emission cut off by 2030. 

Due to the climate emergency, the goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Tech companies and start-up businesses of the energy sector will have a considerable role to play in achieving that. 

Business moguls and giant industrial ventures must take a step back and reassess their pattern of energy expense and carbon emission at this hour of global warming. Only through their cooperation and active support will it be possible to achieve carbon neutrality. 

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has informed, “”we must reduce these carbon emissions by 50% by the end of this decade.”

Charlotte Degot, Managing Director and Partner at BCG GAMMA, has hinted that in this hour of need, AI presents itself as the best option to tackle the issue. When technological firms contribute so vastly to the climate problem, it is also technology that we must turn to and seek for a solution to the problem. 

She commented, “We cannot reduce what we cannot measure. Corporations ‘ climate action does not match our ambitions: one of the main reasons is that corporations don’t accurately measure their climate impact and track it enough over time. Fortunately, tools & techniques to help us exist, one of the most powerful ones is artificial intelligence.”

Artificial Intelligence can work through the issue and provide a solution that would be far-sighted enough to win the war against the climate crisis. Nothing can be more urgent than putting the technological advancement on artificial intelligence to work and decarbonizing the atmosphere of the earth. 

Artificial intelligence algorithms have a vast potential to provide several different options to tackling climate change. It can provide a range of options to suit the needs of companies, corporations, and individuals. The functioning framework of cities, industries, and even at individual level could be rebooted with a new, and more innovative, eco-friendly model that will help them tackle the climate crisis more effectively.  

Nowadays, companies are getting more invested in using AI powered solutions to reduce energy emission and take a more sustainable approach to their work. With all the benefits and potential that AI promises, it will not be too unconventional to expect AI to provide the ultimate solution to climate threats. Experts widely recognize the immense potential AI wields in this area of advancement and assure us that achieving carbon neutrality is not a far-fetched concept with the help of Artificial Intelligence. 

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