Food chains like Subway and Starbucks are Starting to Accept Bitcoins 

Food chains are trying to make transactions safer and more client friendly by allowing bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as acceptable forms of transaction. 

Bitcoins recently have been on the rise in the financial industry. It had been setting records by reaching the mark of $20,000 before reaching on an average of $10,000. 

As a result, bitcoin as a form of payment has increased in the industry and many businesses are starting to accept it from their customers. This has opened up larger potential for the corporations to streamline their businesses. 

Embracing this change in the crypto trends will open up bigger opportunities for the corporations to streamline their businesses. 

Selected Subway Franchises Accepts Bitcoin Payment 

Certain selected Subway Sandwich Franchises are starting to accept payment with bitcoin from their customers. Subway is the second business corporation that made a mark in the industry by starting to accept Bitcoin as a legitimate form of payment. 

The franchise at Allentown, Pennsylvania, US, was the first in the US and the second among its franchises to start accepting bitcoins. The first one was a franchise in Moscow. It caught the world’s attention with an advertisement on their window which offered a 10 % discount to all those who would pay with bitcoins. 

Introduction of bitcoins as an acceptable form of payment in selected Subway franchises was made in 2003. Since then, many customers have made their payments via bitcoins. 

However, Subway is a fast food franchise that functions under the authority of the local branch manager. Therefore, the decision to accept bitcoin is made by the local store managers rather than the corporation itself. 

However, with more franchises becoming aware of digital currency, they are slowly moving towards accepting it as a form of payment and introducing necessary models within individual branches. 

Starbucks Accept Bitcoins Indirectly

Last March, Starbucks joined the world of digital currency by starting trial payment with its cards. Through its partnership with Bakkt app, they allowed their loyal customers to reload their gift card with bitcoins. 

The coffee shop is yet to accept cryptocurrency as a direct form of payment. However, they allow their customers to convert bitcoins, gift card values, flyer miles into US dollars. Then this value is reloaded into the customer’s Starbucks card through Strabuck’s very own app. 

With cryptocurrency becoming an indirect form of payment, it will not be long before big corporations start accepting it as a direct form of payment. 

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