Ecosia- The Search Engine That Makes The Earth A Greener Place

Ecosia is a browser that can make even your mindless internet surfing a productive step towards making the earth a greener place. It is a browser that uses the ad revenue generated from its user searches and uses that to plant more trees around the world. 

Unlike most search engines functioning in the market, Ecosia has managed to stay true to its commitment and purpose ever since its inception. They put their goal and purpose at the forefront. 

Ecosia is a certified B-corp which is a part of Microsoft Search Network group. They donate 80 percent of their profit to non-governmental organizations which focus on deforestation and sustainability. They are committed to their initiative and release transparent monthly reports to maintain the trust of their users. 

How does Ecosia work?

Ecosia is a user-friendly browser that is free for all. Once can easily get the browser extension and use it to search the internet as per their requirement. For every search, Ecosia promises to plant a tree in all those parts of the world that is in urgent need of afforestation. They work with NGOs and local organizations to help local communities grow and develop into a greener and more sustainable future. 

Ecosia has always maintained a careful approach towards becoming a significant contributor towards their afforestation drive. They follow a ‘do no harm’ policy by making sure that their source of energy is sustainable and renewable. They have successfully built a solar farm as their primary source of energy. It allegedly allows them to cover all their energy needs and manage their carbon footprint. They consider themselves a social business, with negative carbon dioxide emission and are committed towards protecting its user data. 

Ecosia plants trees where they are needed the most. Their goal is to reduce deforestation, harmful effects of monoculture farming in rural farms, and work with local experts and communities to reduce droughts, famine, and destruction of ecosystems. They also aim towards protecting the existing forested land of the country. They support over 20 tree-planting initiatives in more than 15 countries around the world. They are also conscious about the participation of local communities to make their projects successful and therefore have partnered with numerous local NGOs, groups, and organizations. 

They are currently working in countries like Thailand, Philippines, Cameroon, Guatemala, Ecuador, Nigeria, Mexico, Canada, the UK, Colombia, Madagascar, Peru, Brazil, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Indonesia, Morocco, Spain, Uganda, Ethiopia, Haiti, Senegal, Burkina, and Faso.   

With the help local communities, experts, environmentalists, and NGOs, Ecosia’s project is to plant trees and effect afforestation in a manner that will help the country restore its ecosystem and conserve a biodiverse greenery. 

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