Big Corporations That Accept Bitcoin payment 

In the financial industry, bitcoin made its mark by making digital currency more accessible. Cryptocurrency is the new mode of digital transaction that has gained popularity within the financial sectors of all business enterprises. It provides the users easy accessibility and hassle- free transaction benefits. 

Cryptocurrency transactions are possible outside the purview of national borders. It allows the users to maintain anonymity while carrying out transactions. The monetary restrictions imposed by a country do not apply when using cryptocurrencies for their transactions. It facilitates smooth and easy transactions in all parts of the globe. There is no higher institution maintaining authority over these transactions. 

These are some of the American corporations that jumped on the bandwagon and were the first in the game to accept bitcoins as payment. 

  1. Microsoft- In 2014, Microsoft became the earliest player in the game to accept bitcoins as payment. Users could purchase games, apps, and other digital contents. Bitcoins were also accepted as a valid form of payment for all those who wanted to purchase digital content for Windows Phone or Xbox. They made a landmark decision by accepting bitcoin and making it an acceptable form of payment in the market before any other big name companies.
  1. PayPal- PayPal also made an example by starting to accept bitcoin as currency four months before Microsoft made the move. PayPal as the first digital transaction platform took this big step in order to attract more businesses rather than consumers. With bigger corporations accepting PayPal, it strove to change the global image of cryptocurrency.
  1. Whole Foods- Whole Food was established in Texas in 1980. It has now evolved to a global brand with 500 branches in North America and some outlets in Canada and the UK. Whole Foods has also now started accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as acceptable forms of payment, vua SPEDN app. 
  1. Etsy- Etsy is an online marketplace platform where buyers and sellers come together and create a global community. Etsy accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment. One can pay via bitcoin which can be, through multiple options, transformed into national currency and  reach the seller into their bank account.  Once the payment reaches the seller, it gets marked as paid on the website. 
  1. Starbucks-  Starbucks has launched a ‘stars For Everyone’ program. Through this program, the loyal customers of Starbucks can reload their starbucks card with bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Their recent partnership with Digital wallet provider Bakkt allows them to accept bitcoins payment directly. Customers can also convert their cryptocurrencies into flat currency through PayPal before recharging their Starbucks card. 

These are some of the big corporations that have made the first move in accepting cryptocurrency as an acceptable form of payment. Hopefully, other businesses will start following their footsteps and will start accepting bitcoin as a form payment soon.

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