A closer look into AI related solutionsĀ 

Scientists and business organizations have both started recognizing Artificial Intelligence to have the potential to offer up viable and far-sighted solutions to climate threats on earth. With the advancement of technology, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, achieving a net-zero emission status in the coming future may very well become a real possibility. Here are some of the AI engineered solutions that companies are implementing to become more eco-friendly and sustainable in their methodology. 

Beyond Limit 

It is a California based company whose Co-founder and CEO is AJ Abdallat. It is revolutionizing AI usage in corporate markets by implementing cognitive learning, with advanced resilience, learning techniques, and reasoning which surpasses traditional methods of using AI. It uses machine learning and deep learning approaches along with AI algorithms to mimic human intuition and come up with effective solutions.  


It is an AI powered program that allows companies to track, optimize, assess, stimulate, and measure accurately their carbon emission and allows them to find effective solutions to reduce their negative impact. It employs state of the art, cutting edge technology, graph learning, machine learning to provide useful data to the corporations. BCG CO2 AI allows companies to reduce their carbon emission almost by 30%- 40% rate.  


Watershed is a California based company, co-founded by Taylor Francis, that encourages and provides useful means for corporations to adopt renewable sources of energy and desalie power. It uses AI-based digital services to account for the sources of each kilogram of carbon that is used in industrial services. This allows companies to reassess their sources of energy and apply a more ethical approach to it. 

Plan A

Plan A is an AI driven company which is led by CEO and Co-Founder Lobomila Jordanova. It uses a digital-driven SaaS platform to account for carbon emission, decarbonize the environment, and manage ESG. Several companies use their technology to monitor and effectively reduce their carbon emission. It also helps to cut down negative impacts on the environment. The company plays an integral role in raising climate awareness and reducing carbon emission of several corporations around the globe. 


It is a Technology start-up based out of Denmark, launched in 2016 with the collaborative efforts of data scientists, mechanical engineers, and climate experts. It was founded by Olivier Corradi with a considerable investment from the investment firm Revent. Tomorrow essentially uses machine learning and daily curated data to account for the carbon impact we have in our daily lives. Tomorrow aims to enable environmental activism through large scale aitomated carbon accounting.

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