6 Best Practices For Fintech Security Developers 

For high functioning companies like Fintech with rapid growth, it is important to keep track of the security system and implement the best practices to stay updated with its features. Here are some practices that will help your company’s security development. 

  1. In depth assessment of the application security

With rapid growth, it is important to keep track of the complexities of the security system implemented at every step of the way. A working knowledge of the security system is necessary for keeping track and catching on to the early signs of distress. 

  • Ensure frequent scanning for various softwares and codes. 
  • Ensure centralized access and consistent monitoring of your projects.
  • Leverage data from the security system to remain up-to-date. 
  1. Easy and Convenient Fixes for Security Glitches

Oftentimes security issues are fixed days after it occurs. In such situations the developers lack the immediate context of the glitches and find it difficult to get to the roots of the problem. 

  • Integrate developer friendly software to make their work easy and convenient. 
  • Maintain documentation to help with their understanding of the issue. 
  1. Remediate Issues Frequently 

It is important to run regular checks on the security system. It is important to ensure that the developers remediate security glitches as frequently as possible and are able to fix issues at the earliest. 

  • Reduce in-between time for routine scans and vulnerability check-ups. 
  • Try to reduce backlogs of high security data and verify them at the initial stages of development. 
  1. Maintain an audit trail- High functioning companies like Fintech face multiple compliance and security issues. Maintaining an audit trail will allow them to track softwares, codes, outsource license, software infrastructure, and ensure security maintenance without any difficulty.  
  1. Security Champions Program- It is important to prioritize security issues from the initial stages of development. Oftentimes companies tend to put off security issues until the very late stages of development.Security Champions programs is one such developer that will initiate and work towards a top notch security system from the earliest stages of development.  
  • They will prioritize security at every step of the development.
  • They will schedule meetings to exclusively focus on security issues. 
  • They will run routine participations with frequent intervals on security issues.
  1. Track Security Applications- For companies like Fintech Security issue is of utmost importance. That is why it is important to prioritize security and make it a core part of your KPIs. 

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