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This is an outline bumima privacy policy in effect march 02, 2022. recently updated march 02, 2022


The website, app and trading service provided by bumima maintains high integrity in information collected, stored and retrieved. Amd is only used by the organization purposes. And does not share, produce nor sell any information collected or obtained to third-party providers or agencies for their personal benefit. Such information sharing purposes is aggregated, visible from online website and app activity and typically falls under research and development or post-secondary/university engagement for students and professors to collectively learn about the data. As such any general information shared is not person or organization specific and is to only used for the purposes of services with bumima.

As such information protection of each user and community partner information. Does not permit third-party sources and links (non- bumima development/creation or based) to access any person or organization specific information. Should concern raise matters to be contacted directly to connect@bumima.Com for customer support and inquiry, any dispute, concerns or inquiry regarding data privacy protection from bumima are subjected to eco eats inc policy in effect march 02, 2022.


The purpose of the privacy policy is to clearly define and outline our principles governing personal and other confidential obtained by/about you from bumima website (bumima.Com and other related/company webpages/subpages within bumima website or associated to. Which is not limited to sign-up/registration/ subscription (paid-non paid) or any other participation/online and social media engagement including offline from our website agree to bumima use and privacy policy. ​

We collect when

Users create or register an account, or administer your account input, post, or upload information, data, or other content through the website. Including app or survey questions, email and other requests, or other communications to us via communication formats associated with bumima. Another example of when we may collect information is by using a single-sign-on service. In such instances in accordance with the third party single-sign-on service privacy policy and terms of agreement we may collect customer information (such as username, user id associated with that third-party service). By choosing to create an account using a third-party service, you authorize bumima to collect information necessary to grant authorization and access to your account with the third-party service provider choosen by the user.

Upon authorization and authentication, bumima may access information or information collected by the third-party service. We store and protect users, your information and as authorized with the third-party service provider; we perform actions and tasks requested by you through one or several of our web-apps, tools or other online applications. As such any action authorized to access data and information are in sound judgement and necessary to action requests by the user.

We may collect from you, depending on how you interact with the services: and customer information. This extends to contact inquiries for customer support or media inquiries, visiting any partner websites or downloading any of our applications, web-apps or other online tools or services. As well as participating in referral marketing promotions and general promotions, demonstrations, contests, surveys, or other online and offline marketing events. Interact with other eco eats users and guests on our community forums. Integrate third-party applications and services with your bumima account.

Another example of when we collect information in which can be directly and indirectly is when information is purposefully automatically collected. All data and privacy policy engines applications confidentietly show the account master (of the application) results and reports of realp-time user behavior and activity for the intent of improving their services and products which makes the customer more satisfied, happier increases roi and retention. Such direct examples of automatically collected information include services, ip address, browsers, os, isps, device models, mobile models including details of year, make and carrier. We also are positioned to adopt information collected through the means of “cookies,” ctt’s, beacons, pixels and other tracking technologies. Specific software service providers that enrich our technology and service include we show metadata information without revealing individual user personal information such as name, birthday. Instead, we are in policy as a standard practice to aggregate a collection or demographic profile of user behavior with the except ip addresses are used for specific tool tracking technologies.

Opt-out of tracking collection

This particularly pertains to online advertising in internet browser tracking through methods such as enabled cookies and other non-subscribed tracking technologies.  The online self-regulatory behavior advertising principles published by the digital advertising alliance (www.Aboutads.Info.), remind users and consumers the option to disable tracking technologies on their behavior and online usage. This organization will place an opt-out cookie on your device so you do not receive online advertisements. Once this action takes effect, eco eats, our partners  and other online providers and advertisers will no longer be able to track you. 

Personal information collection and use

Bumima retains and keeps  information collected internally for the organization. And customer, charity, business or community partner view under the dashboard to learn metrics, social and environment impacts. All other personal collected through email and another personal engagement is collected, stored and archived under separate and different channels for analytical record keeping and history maintenance/recall. It is not in our interest nor privacy policy to  provide personal  information to a third party unless otherwise consented or mutually understood for a potential partnership opportunity whereby generic high-level information is shared. In such cases, information mutually shared between potential partnership opportunities will only disclose information visible to the public through work office data such as first/last name, company email and phone number extension at most. 

When bumima collaborates, hires or works with other partners bumima will use this information to or as otherwise disclosed when information is submitted on the website. All personal information is not shared nor distributed by any means in non-partnership discussions such as first name, last name, email address, company address, title, company, cell phone and work phone number and any other field information from sign-up/registration and or subscription based on bumima platform services. Eco eats and its partnerships and stakeholders will use this information to comply with the services request that will be disclosed to you when you subscribe to a paid or non-paid plan on bumima platform.

More information can be found: www.Aboutads.Info.

​to opt-out visit: www.Aboutads.Info/choices, or www.Networkadvertising. Org/choices​

When necessary eco eats inc will internally use information collected to improve our services, communication and community engagement to position a better opportunity to reach the vision and mission. Eco eats inc follow the data protection act issued in 1988 with the 8 principles and does not transfer personal information abroad without meeting adequate measures in place. Along with other providers, eco eats inc collects user data behavior; that is not attached to your identity or personal information. Meta analytics as such are collected primarily (not-absolute) to mailchimp, social media and other online, cookies and offline engagement opportunities to improve our services and service offerings.

Bumima has full permission to aggregate data and make it accessible to eco eats inc collaborative municipal provincial agencies with limited and selected information blanketed/categorized with other food vendor and food market behavior data. All information on the platform has full rights to researchers from accredited universities (department, staff, faculty, supervised students), to help reduce the food waste challenge under vigorous terms and conditions to study, use and apply disclosed information for research purposes.

Security data:

Bumima implements and maintains a high capacity of internal technologies and policy control measure to protect and secure all personal data stored, aggregated and housed with the association or partnership with bumima on an ongoing basis. As such here are core security data examples and protocols with us. (i) protecting and securing of information (ii) detecting security incidents, breaches or fraud, deceptive or unlawful activity and to your account (iii) prosecution of those violating privacy law (iv) monitoring unlawful actions and recollecting data of the illegal behavior, (v) following instructions with the law and its legal process (vi) as applicable by law and requested to maintain health safety and protection of our users, partners, food providers, charities and our agents in accordance with terms of agreement.


For additional questions, inquiries contact with the subject “policy inquiry” to assist your further. ​

Having trouble finding your answer in the Frequently Asked Questions section? Contact us; we’re waiting to hear from you. Send our team a direct message. 

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Subscribed users automatically give their permission to bumima inc to collect and aggregate all data, and their stores customer behavior; which can be applied to bumima website or to bumima associated website that’s hosted, managed and founded bybumima inc with a function of a global food security map. Vendors data will only be available and fully disclosed to bumima company under the confidentiality and privacy policy and terms of conditions with selected municipality visibility and food rescue understanding. None of our vendors information will be provided, sold or offered to any 3rd party, cross-sector partnership or registered business/organization locally or internationally. ​


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