About Us

We are humble, kind and talented in technology we offer our friends and family. We’re a startup that has came into existence out of the need people have to trade safely. Our mission is to educate and empower individuals to identify safe and unsafe platforms and our vision is to create equal safe access to trading with Bumi.

Our Culture

We’re a start-up that is based on being human centric internally and externally. This means we put people first from design to interaction from customers, stakeholders and teammates and want to help the environment through our actions in efforts to help people acheive financial literacy and inclusion to build their investment portfolio.Our small yet mighty team is spread from Europe, Canada, United States and India. We embrace new technology mental wellness and the 4 day work week to maintain a work life balance. Most of us are still in university and the extra study is always great.

Our Perks

Fully Remote

Your data is encrypted, login securely with your Metamask, Google or Email account and use a Google 2Fa each time.

Exams Covered

Get time off during study period and have your regular pay while you are taking exams.

4 Day work week

Balance life and work and complete your hours when and where you want to


Work with kind value driven people who want to make a difference

Education Budget

Get certificate courses covered to boost your skills


Develop and hone in your skills in an inspiring and data driven environment.

Join today and gain access to 24/7 Auto trading anywhere

Ⓒ Bumima 2022
Defi Environment Impact Autotrading Platform

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