Financial Literacy

Knowledge provides the right opportunities and we want to equip you to be aware of how things work in the intro to give you a better understanding of investing with cryptocurrency and what’s required.

Self-Learning Online


Here is an informative video teaching you about the changes cryptocurrency is making in society, culture and how spending habits can hinder or your goals. Please note we are not affiliated with the video.

Want to go a step further – checkout Top Cryptocurrency courses from Coursea partnership with universities. see more.

How much should you invest?

According to Investopedia, you should invest 10%-15% of your annual income. To read more about their reasoning,  checkout the article here. Please note we are not financial planners or advisors. Before making investments we encourage consultation from your traditional bank, financial advisors, chartered professional accountants and/or investment advisors. And to develop a financial investment plan and portfolio from companies you have reason and supporting evidence for long-term gain to meet your goals and investment style.  

Reporting Capital Gain and Loss

This is in the works, however Bumi – wants to set you up for success by having your personal cryptocurrency account set up to report capital gains and losses. This is primarily for those who are using the automated bot for passive earning income and the system that we are focusing on developing first is for individuals within Canada. 

Have information we should add here about cryptocurrency? Let us know! Otherwise we look forward to add more information.



Financial Literacy

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